Reel TikTok Masterclass

 This workshop covers: 

  • We will be reviewing :

  • What is the difference between Reels and Tiktoks?

  • How to use Reels vs. Tiktoks?

  • What does it take to go viral at least ONE time?

  • Can I repurpose my videos?

  • How do I know what music is best ?

  • Do I even need music?

  • What hashtags are good to use?

reeltiktok (3).png

Grow Your Biz with Social Media This Year

 This workshop covers: 

  • Why is Social Media Important?

  • How often are you showing up online?

  • How are you showing up online?

  • Where to show up!


Take Your Social Media to the Next Level

 This workshop covers: 

  • What to post?

  • What should you invest in when starting out?

  • Instagram story basics.

  • Benefits Of Connecting Multiple Social Media Platforms .


Email Marketing

 This workshop covers: 

  • What is email marketing?

  • Coming up with best titles for emails.

  • What should be in your email.

  • How Often Should You Send One Out?

Email Marketing for Mastermind.png


 This workshop covers: 

  • How many hashtags should you use?

  • How to find the right hashtags for your account?

  • How many hashtags should I use?

  • Where do I post them?

  • How long should I spend on hashtagging?

Blue and Pink Modern Technology Keynote Presentation.png

PR in 5 Phases

 This workshop covers: 

  • What is PR?

  • Creating Relationships.

  • Good Press Releases vs. NOT Good Press Releases.

How to DIY your PR.png

Make $$ Podcasting

 This workshop covers: 

  • Where to promote your show.

  • Sponsorship script, review & source.

  • Where to store your recordings.

  • Media Kit Overview.

  • Review Analytics.


Podcast with Ease

 This workshop covers: 

  • How do I podcast?

  • Podcast equipment checklist

  • Where to upload your podcast?

  • What is an RSS feed?

Podcasting with Ease- Exxcel presentation.png

How toUse Social Media to Get on Podcasts

 This workshop covers: 

  • How are you showing up online?

  • Why should a host book you?

  • How to show up on each platform.

  • Social Media & Podcast Stats.

social media and podcasting.png