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  • Jaclyn Zukerman

Psychic Medium Ellen

Today on the Social Scene with JZ we have Psychic Medium Ellen from Salem, Ma. Ellen has always been interested in spiritual beliefs and practices. Her earliest memories of psychic abilities go back to when she first connected with her grandmother after she had passed on.

On the Social Scene with JZ podcast we discuss how she started to connect with her grandmother in her dreams through a phone call. We also learn all about Ellen's different abilites as a Psychic and what they mean including: Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant and more. Ellen has always enjoyed her connections with mediumship work. She enjoys it so much because of it's healing potential for those left behind.

"She has always believed life as we know it doesn't end when we die, and opening up to the "other side " can be beneficialfor healing wounds caused by grief and issues left unresolved."

Tune in to our fabulous podcast below by clicking on one of the podcast icons

Ellen's reading are very detailed and specific. Her main goal is to help her clients see through to our true selves, and to guide with understanding and compassion.

Once a month starting in April Ellen and JZ we will be offering Social Scene fans call in and ask a few questions to Ellen. Who doesn't want to know what's in store for them or connect to a loved one passed on?! Make sure to stay tuned !!

If you are interested in getting a private reading with Ellen :

You can call her : (339) 293. 3480

If you prefer email first contact JZ title email "Psychic Reading with Ellen!" who will connect you directly to Ellen!

If you are interested in being interviewed click email to contact JZ directly at