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  • Jaclyn Zukerman


Today on the Social Scene we get inspired by the fabulous Co-Founder of LookBooker, Giorgia Rossi. Originally from Sydney, Australia and working in the corporate world, Rossi knew there was more out there for her to pursue and become her OWN boss!

On the podcast we learn all about how simple and convienent the website is to use. You as a consumer can book all hours of the day and search by customized neighboorhood you are in or want to check out in Manhattan.

Some examples include: for example, Tribeca, Chelsea, Upper East Side etc.

One of the things I really enjoyed learning about LookBooker is that Giorgia and Renee go to each indiviudal salon around NYC and speak from experience before showcasing them on LookBooker. I also really got inspired learning about all the young guys in the 21st century that truly pamper and take care of themselves!! Whether your girlfriends force you or not, GOOD FOR YOU!

As a consumer using LookBooker you no longer have to worry about calling during work hours to get appointments. You also don't have to worry about calling another salon to compare price points. The reason is that on LookBooker everything is all there infront of you!

Click on podcast tabs below to learn all about Giorgia's inspirations biggest supporters and more!

FUN FACT: LookBooker is currently South East Asia's #1 hair and beauty aggregator!!

Follow LookBooker and Giorgia Rossi HERE:


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