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  • Jaclyn Zukerman

Women Making Big Sales Founder, Melinda Chen

Today on the Social Scene we have the fabulous founder of Women Making Big Sales, Melinda Chen.

We can't thank Melinda enough for chatting with us at 230am on Asia's timezone for our interview! She is a true trooper!

Melinda currently resides in Canada but travels for work worldwide!

Chen has been working in sales for over 15 years. She started out not knowing much in the sales area. After having great mentors and doing lots of research and putting herself out of her comfort zone she now makes over 8 FIGURES!

Melinda and JZ have worked together and she really helped Jackie stepped out of her comfort zone to reach her target market.

Melinda on the podcast explains how to handle the world no and objections.

"It doesn't always mean no, think of it as a baby crying. The main concern first is to handle the situation of WHY the baby is crying. Why is your potential client saying no? Is it because of cost? Is it because of the value?"

It is important to also get to know your potential client before cold calling! Melinda also tells a great success story of one of her clients that you will just have to tune in and listen for even more great insight and advice!

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