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  • Jaclyn Zukerman

#GETYOURBIZOFFTHEGROUND with Co Founders of We Know Business, Jim Debetta & LeAnne Carey

Today on the Social Scene with JZ we get inspired by the fabulous Co Founders of We Know Business, Jim Debetta & LeAnne Carey.

We get a lot of informative information but furthermore learn a lot of key tips when it comes to growing and improving your business.

Jim has a background in product development and getting your products into retail stores. LeAnne has a vast background in advertising and marketing. Therefore, they decided to create a partnership to compliment each others strengths!

Believe it or not Jim and LeAnne are from two different states ! How did they connect and decide they were going to become business partners?! ...Tune in to find out!

Ever wonder how to determine who is the right person to get in a partnership with when it comes to business? We had some fabulous callers call in and Jim and LeAnne really break it down for our listeners!

Tune in here and now by clicking on one of the podcast icons below:

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