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  • Jaclyn Zukerman


This afternoon I decided to apply to Forbes 30 under 30. Why? Because life is all about taking chances. I really do feel I have stories to share, my life has been far from perfect and a successful business comes from lessons learned along the way and having the strength to keep going.

Therefore, I wanted to share my story with you so you can get to know me more as an individual and not just a social media guru showcasing everyone's stories.

I have one too, so I am here to share it with you!

Here it goes:

There is nothing more inspiring than strong individuals who keep their goals intact no matter what has happened to them along the way. As an original New Yorker, relocating to Boston almost over two years ago, I had always dreamed of starting my own business. I always did side jobs of promoting night clubs to planning events since I was about 15/16 years old or working three jobs to make a comfortable living. After growing up in a not such a healthy environment of work from being abused, talked down to that I was not good enough, I always knew in the back of my mind that there was a purpose for me in this world and one day I would figure it out. Upon relocation to Boston, I am lucky enough to thank my boyfriend to allow me to be myself and pursue my dreams. I started at a start-up radio station in the Boston area & they were going down a path that would not take my career further so I decided to take what I had learned and started my own radio station from my guest room closet! ( Yes, you heard correctly. To everyone who listens to my shows, I interview from my mini clothing closet with a mixer and microphone!) I have interviewed celebrities from the Founder of Jelly Belly Jellybeans to amazing businesses from the states to Saudi Arabia. Once my radio station really took off, I was able to get paid to showcase all walks of life from my closet via radio, blogger placements & social media over 75k viewers. This led JZ Social Enterprises to offer more outlets of business. From public relations, media placement & events I have been able to give amazing business exposure internationally. Along the way, I outsourced work to different digital magazines & was disappointed with the results. I decided to take a chance and teach myself how to make my own magazine. I launched #GETSCENE Magazine in April of 2016. #GETSCENE was created as a unique outlet to showcase not only my clients but amazing up and coming talent, products, designers, musicians and more to be showcased! I want to be a brand that is original & respected. Since #GETSCENE launched I have been lucky enough to feature individuals including Mark Wahlberg's private Chef, Lawrence Duran & Celebrity Matchmaker & Relationship Expert Amy Laurent. As of September 2016, we will be releasing print copies to the public at our first fashion show we are hosting as a brand in Boston! Boston has brought so many amazing opportunities for me, I thank every person I have met along the way no matter how they treated me at the time. They all have continued to mold me into the person I am today. I hope to one day show the world , that life might not be easy but whatever is thrown at you, it is given to you as a test and YOU can handle it, don’t give up. There are just bumps along the way. :)

I hope I inspired you today, Don't give up on your dreams, life is too short for every hardship there is a great reward at the end of it all.