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  • Jaclyn Zukerman

NEXTonSCENE Relationships and Parenting with Parent Strategist, Amanda Houle

NEXTonSCENE we are BACK with the fabulous Parent Strategist behind Parenting with a Punch, Amanda Houle!

Do you ever realize how your day to day life interactions and relationships effect your children?

Amanda on the podcast today gets into some serious strategies to consider when it comes to modeling for your children.

"There is something about giving a kiss to your significant other and saying bye babe" before you leave for the day , that role models to your children about healthy relationships! " AH

Amanda also recently won the women March Give Back Challenge from IFUNDWOMEN and was able to raise $1000 towards her campaign!!!! She is soaring towards her goal and we are proud to support and stand by her side! Check out her amazing video below of Amanda's day to day:

Lets listen more to this fabulous rockstar and get inspired by clicking on one the podcast tabs below!!!

We also running an awesome event tomorrow at Fisique Boston with Parenting with a Punch from 630-9pm for meditation sponsored by Rae Finn, Yoga class with Fisique Boston, Parent Strategies from Amanda Houle, Networking and light refreshments!!

We always have so much fun!!!!! check out our last event:

Get your tickets:

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