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  • Jaclyn Zukerman

NEXTonSCENE DAB Company Founder & Entertainer, Heathyr Frances

Let's talk about this inspiration of a gal relocating from New England to LA with nothing!

It is amazing the things we do when our passions are involved.

Original going to school for fashion design and falling into the world of hosting has totally unfolded a lot of life lessons and growth for this rockstar.

Throughout Heathyr's journey and her life lessons , this recently engaged gal has launched an amazing brand called the DAB Company. Today on the podcast we learn all about how this company she has created "enriches the self-esteem of young women, helping them to enhance their own “Dazzling And Beautiful” individuality. She is also the host of The DAB Company YouTube web series and has created various multi-media opportunities including a company blog and multiple social media outlets to support the company’s vision."

Tune in here and NOW to learn more by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below :)

Check out Heathyr!!!!


fb: @lovedabcompany

IG: @lovedabcompany