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  • Jaclyn Zukerman

Who's NEXT? Stylist, Fashion and Mommy Blogger Tiffany

How does this rockstar do it all?! "I call it organized chaos" Tiffy G. Tiffany DeBerardinis is a wife, mom, teacher , stylist and fashion blogger who just hit 50k readership this month on her website!!

Tiffany is a 40 year old petite mom who loves to shop for herself and others. She believes that women over 30 can be just as trendy as they were at 21! She views shopping as a hunting mission….hunt for the best bargain to keep you stylish and make you feel like the prettiest “you” that you can be.

It has been such an honor to work and showcase her and have her be our latest contributing writer to NEXTonSCENE for fashion hacks!

One of the main messages of today's show that stood out to us , is to truly show that age is just a number. It is NEVER to late to follow your dreams!!

Tiffany is truly talented in her field and knows how to look amazing at cost savy prices! Tune in NOW to learn about Tiffany's inspirations, Sonny Corinthos from General Hospital, Marshalls & Express bargains and so much MORE by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below!


FB : @Tiffany.giannatodeberardinis

IG: @tiffyg77

or if viewing from a computer, press PLAY!:


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