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  • Jaclyn Zukerman


NEXTonSCENE needs your vote! Currently The Flood Sisters Kidney are closer to winning a Rare Life Award for the remarkable work they've been doing. They have saved 14 lives, including that of their OWN father. Winning this award will enable them to continue doing phenomenal work. Vote today, tomorrow, the next day. Tell your friends and family to vote. Share it on social media. We want EVERY LISTENER out there to vote at KIDNEYANGELS.COM

So who are the Flood Sisters? Founded in 2008, the mission of The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation is to inspire people to become living donors and to encourage kidney patients to use non-traditional means of reaching suitable living donors. Through an aggressive program, the foundation is tirelessly spreading the word that a kidney from a living donor is usually a better match than a cadaveric kidney, and reduces the risk of infection.

Today on the podcast we interview Executive Director & Co-Founder, Jennifer Flood. On the show, Jennifer shares how this year to date they have saved 14 lives, what inspired to start this organization , her inspirations and much more!

Check out some of the amazing lives they have saved!

Tune in NOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

Or if viewing from a computer click here:

#GETSOCIAL with the flood sisters today, VOTE , VOTE VOTE and if you are inquiring to be a donor or know someone who is in need:


Facebook: @Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation

Flood Sisters Living Kidney Donor Awareness Page

Check out these rockstar sisters!


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