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  • Jaclyn Zukerman

NEXTonSCENE our founder, JZ

Happy four year anniversary to my podcast ! Today on the podcast I had the absolute honor of sharing my story with TV personality and Exclusive Kleinfeld Designer, Henry Roth from Sydney Australia !

To look back on the past four years and realize how much one can experience and accomplish it TRULY inspiring to see how far one can go!

Lots of learning experiences on my journey to this point but I have learned looking back, I wouldn't have changed it for ANYTHING .

Just like what Henry states on the podcast, I learned from each experience and knew from each experience forward what I wanted to change.

PLUS how to handle certain situations better then the way it was handled towards me!

So excited for you ALL to hear my story, all rare, real and my pup Hershey even makes an appearance!

Check out my mini slideshow from then to now with some accomplishments of my studio growth!

Tune in here and NOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below :)

#GETSOCIAL and or book with me to #GETSCENE and heard, Ican't wait to share your story!

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IG: @jackiezuk


Check out my first ever fashion show in September 2016!


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