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AMCONYC founder Adriana Marie Discusses Fashion & Pop Up Events!


Adriana Marie founder of AMCONYC was born in Boston and raised in Florida. She decided it was time for a change of relocation right out of college which brought her to the fabulous city of Manhattan. She knew fashion was her passion. Therefore, she decided six days out of college to relocate and start a new life for herself while pursuing her dreams as a designer. Adriana started out by designing shirts with logos to promote positivity. She felt there was no need to not express how people feel . Therefore, she has created a unique brand for herself by putting words and graphics on her shirts to promote how she feels. She started out by selling her products through social media to her close family and friends. Once people wanted to keep purchasing her products it became national! It really is amazing what social media has done for us in today's world.

As Adriana continuously discusses how hard it is to start as a new designer to the fashion world, that did not stop her! She would work full time and then pursue her dreams continuously. About a year ago, Adriana also fell into the pop-up business. She started as Adriana Marie Co. and Became AMCONYC to promote the pop up business. The pop-up business allows new designers to promote and sell their products as a kiosk in a venue for a day. It is a way to get their name and brand out there. Adriana marie enjoys giving back the community and she found by creating these events has allowed her to do so.

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"It is very difficult for new designers to get their name out there, sell their products and get the recognition that can truly help their brand. That is the platform we give our vendors and sponsors" says this entrepreneur."

Adriana's interview on the Social Scene with JZ is promoting her new fabulous event Nov. 23rd! It is a Pop-Up Event at the Gansevoort Hotel in New York City. At these events, she partners up with a media and liquor sponsor. In addition there are always lots of different unqiue designers who come in for the day and get to promote their products through her famous "pop-up" events.

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