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Lani Lachica and Ella Danla products


Lani Lachica is a Filipino-American entrepreneur, mother, and fashion designer. Lani is continnuing to gain recognition as the fashion designer behind "Ella Danla". The accessory company’s line was launched in July 2014, highlighting their signature clutch handbag.

"Within the same year, Lachica has designed scarfs which were included in the line for Ella Danla’s debut during New York Fashion Week at the AMCO Pop-up shop in SOHO."

Since NYFW event New York socialites and reality stars have been seen sporting the line. One including New York Housewive Aviva Drescher.

Lani’s creative side and fabulous fashion sense has influenced her designs. Lani uses only material and hardware that is artisan crafted in the USA for her products by choice.

Check out Lani's podcast here

"The name behind Ella Danla has sentimental background for Lani. “Ella” is an incorporation of the first two initials of a dear friend, Ellie, with the first to initials of her own name, Lani. "Danla" holds a deep connection as a dedication to Lani’s brother, Dante Lachica, who passed away from a motorcycle accident years ago. Not only does she honor her brother with her work, but she also named her son Dante after him."


Her compassion goes further than family connections. Lachica is committed to helping charities by donating 5% of the cost of each limited edition, exotic skin, or gemstone handbag towards a non-profit organization that benefits women in need.

In addition, Lani is also proud to announce Ella Danla’s lifelong partnership with Recurso International. They are an organization that helps improve the quality of life for children. They do this by promoting proper hygiene and health matters, empowering education, building classrooms, providing school supplies, and also creating opportunities for clean water. For every purchase of any of the 100% habotai Ella Danla silk scarves, Lani's company donates $25 to Recurso International. Creating awareness with these organizations, allows Lani to help fulfill her way to give back to society.


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