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Nikki Claudine Public Relations


Today we have the fabulous Nikki Dela Cruz on the Social Scene with JZ. Nikki is a 25 year old West Coast native. Her goal oriented attitude seeded from a brilliant spontaneity at 23 years old. In February 2013 Nikki purchased a one way ticket to New York from California. She was determined to make a name for herself brought her to where she is today.

"At 23 years old, Nikki set a 5 year goal for when she turned 25. En route to New York with only just two luggages, Nikki decided to take a few months off to travel. Forward to June, Nikki was given an opportunity to freelance as PR and Marketing director for a small wine importing company. After working and coordinating on a marketing campaign for nearly two months, she landed her client their first media press with a prestigious magazine company with the help of contributing editor, Jazzlyn. From that exposure, The company benefited and sold out with the advertised package within a week. "

Check out Nikki's podcast here

Through the amazing hard work and amazing results, Nikki knew she found her niche. Within the same year she also started working for a Manhattan based celebrity hairstylist. There she continued in her field as a PR/ Marketing coordinator. These experiences have allowed her to expand her networking base and gain knowledge in the beauty industry. Overall these New York PR/Marketing experiences and exposure allowed her to develop a thick skin.

"The idea of creating a public relation firm in May of 2014 has always lingered and it wasn’t until October 2014, when she decided to pursue Nikki Claudine Public Relation full-time. Notorious for being an extrovert has led her to connect and build relationships with many influential people throughout New York, Los Angeles, Europe and Las Vegas to name a few."

Within the first month on business Nikki has been offered an opportunity to partner with Conde' Nast columnist and editor in chief along with her partner Yvonne to plan exclusive eents int he coming year with Manhattan Cocktail Classics. With her passion and dedication working with a fabulous team, Nikki hopes to one day become a reputable firm.