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Nikki Claudine Public Relations


Today we have the fabulous Nikki Dela Cruz on the Social Scene with JZ. Nikki is a 25 year old West Coast native. Her goal oriented attitude seeded from a brilliant spontaneity at 23 years old. In February 2013 Nikki purchased a one way ticket to New York from California. She was determined to make a name for herself brought her to where she is today.

"At 23 years old, Nikki set a 5 year goal for when she turned 25. En route to New York with only just two luggages, Nikki decided to take a few months off to travel. Forward to June, Nikki was given an opportunity to freelance as PR and Marketing director for a small wine importing company. After working and coordinating on a marketing campaign for nearly two months, she landed her client their first media press with a prestigious magazine company with the help of contributing editor, Jazzlyn. From that exposure, The company benefited and sold out with the advertised package within a week. "