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Peace Signs Up Music Video


A local Urban Rock artist Carlethal has posted a hot new video on You Tube called “Peace Signs Up.” He has made a mission to send a positive message through his music. This new hot single by Carethal featuring Bridgette Copper has several well known guest appearances to help create more awareness and establish world peace.

Today on the Social Scene Carethal comes on to chat about how he wants to influence the younger generations to a more positive environment. There is too much negativity in the world, why not promote world peace ? With celebrities involved it allows younger generations to be inspired.

"The message behind the music is to stop the violence, killings, and acts of war amongst each other, child abuse, starvation, and any form of way to put down another human being."

Check out Carethal's podcast here

The creation of this video has monitored social behavior on television, photos, print, and social media. Results from the filming of the video found that the people connected inner peace with two fingers like a "V" for Peace.

"The two finger peace sign is born from the V original and identified as Victory translated years later as Peace which is where song titled “Peace Signs Up” was born." This project was shot by a 15 year old videographer named Daniel Zielyk. Zielyk is a key player in this movement as we focus on the future of young genertaions.

"Let’s show the world that positive messaging is the “new viral" and peace starts within your own home and within our children."