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Founder of Team Beach Body Jeremy Newman

Have you ever used P90X, Hip Hop Abs, FocusT25, Insanity etc.? Well, believe it or not it is all part of a company called Beachbody. Beachbody has been producing the nation's most popular in-home fitness programs for over 14 years. Today, Jeremy Newman one of the founders of Team Beachbody comes onto the Social Scene to discuss different programs, his background and his amazing turning point experiences.

"No matter what your goals are—to lose weight, become totally ripped, take your strength and stamina to the next level, or just get healthy and feel great—our proven-effective DVD programs, workout equipment, and top-quality nutritional supplements can get you the results you want. Allow me to help you."

Jeremy was born and raised in NYC. He started as a gymnast and went to Columbia University. Overtime, his coach started to teach him how to become a personal trainer. Since his family was in the entertainment industry he had many contacts to start training A list celebritites. In 1995 Newman moved out to LA and started his personal training over and totally expanded his A list personal training clientele. Some clientele including James Taylor, Steve Martin, Billy Baldwin etc.

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Seven or Eight years ago one of his clients approached Jeremy about attending a founders meeting for P90X and Insanity. He had asked Jeremy if he would go with him to see if it was something his client should be involved in. He wanted Jeremy's opinion as being a founder. Newman enjoyed the meeting so much that he decided to become a founder as well.


After moving out to Cali in May in 1997 Newman hit the ground at 100 miles running skydiving. After the severe accident and being in the hospital for two months Jeremy came out in a wheelchair but that did not stop him for pursuing his dreams. After 5 months Newman relayed a triathalon and 5k in a wheelchair! Amazing, We know.

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