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Style for your wrists with Blonde Ambition Beads!


Today on the Social Scene with JZ we have a very special guest Samantha Wenig! Samantha is the founder of Blonde Ambition Beads. With a PR background and a great sense of fashion, Samantha decided to make her own bracelets for personal use. After a period of time and people started to love her creative edge, her friends started to purchase the beads of her wrists! Blonde Ambition Beads was born in 2006. Samantha wanted to rock jewelry with objects she loved – peace signs, hearts, hamsas, butterflies and the response was overwhelming!

“I started Blonde Ambition Beads in 2006, when I was a sophomore at Indiana University. While everyone was studying for finals, I was at a local bead store purchasing beads and charms and spending every few second to stringing these bracelets to life,” says Samantha Wenig. “When I got home for the summer, I was interning in Manhattan and people were literally buying them off my wrist. I would travel throughout the city with a large zip lock bag full of my latest creations and at the end of the day, I had no bracelets left, it was so amazing!”

Check out Samantha's podcast here


Today the custom beaded bracelets are sold through her social media pages as well as in select stores all over the country! The bracelet designs change seasonally, however, Blonde Ambition Beads specializes in custom orders. Love your grandma’s cold charm? Send it to Samantha, pick a color bead and she will create a one of a kind bracelet for you.

Blonde Ambition Beads have been spotted on Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, the Kardashian Sisters, Jessica Simpson and many more!




For more information on Blonde Ambition Beads,

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Twitter at @BlondeAmbBeads.

For more information on Samantha Wenig, visit, and follow her personal social media at @SBrookeW720.

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