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Australian Author Angela Vassallo Promotes Blended Families In Her New Book “The Second Wive’s Guide


Today on the Social Scene with JZ from Australia we have the fabulous Angela Vassallo. Angela is an author of the newest book "The Second Wives Guide." The Second Wives Guide discusses how important and impacted blended families are in the 21st Century. Throughout her book she states how difficult it can be for blended families at Christmas time, with this type of family dynamic.

"When you first meet your partner you only see the man standing in front of you, you don't see the village of people standing behind him, all with an opinion on your relationship." Vassallo said. "More and more women are falling into this category, and becoming part of a blended family. There needs to be more information and understanding and less judgement, about what it takes to step into an existing family and become a stepparent."