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Entertaining Education with Ron Shapiro


"Participating in a program by Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro is educational as well as entertaining." Dr. Shapiro comes onto the Social Scene with JZ to teach us some of his fun techniques. We also learn that it does not matter what age you are he teaches same techniques to all ages. He informs us that a fourth grader did better on one his activities he gave to an adult. You just never know what the outcomes will be with Dr. Shapiro One thing we do know is that it is an experience you won't forget.

"Participants remember more from Dr. Shapiro's Education By Entertainment programs than from most lectures. They also find his programs to be more entertaining than most parties."

Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro earned his undergrad at University of Rochester. Post undergrad he got a full scholarship at Ohio State and there got his masters and doctoral degree in psychology. Dr. Shapiro is an experienced educator, manager, leader and consultant having worked in large companies and small companies.