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Founder Francesca Helina of LiveTheLook Fashion Website


Today on the Social Scene we are so excited to have the founder of Francesca Helina from Seattle, Washington! Helina is marketing professional with over 10 years experience in planning, executing and analyzing initiatives for top tier companies. She is an expert at managing relationships with global brands and entertainment entities. Some companies include: Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, Disney/ESPN, Nike, The Grammys, BBC, Al Jazeera, IPL, ICC, UEFA, FIFA, and the International Olympic Committee.

" allows consumers to shop based off their existing wardrobe (Think of Cher's closet from the movie Clueless). Therefore, consumers tell LiveTheLook what their current wardrobe staples are and their styling preference to get Style Sets (mood board type images -- see attached) on shopping suggestions. You shop to compliment existing outfits instead of adding an excess of clothes to your closet."

Check out Francesca's podcast here


After doing a blogger review for her website this is what I love to promote about it:

When you first go to the site everything is very easily accessible and personalized. I always love sites that allow you to interact and personalize to your needs. Everything in the “basics” options I currently own except a denim shirt. I think now knowing it is a common essential in your closet I feel differently and actually will purchase one! After you personalize your items in “your closet” and selected styles of choice invites you to create an account. This was very easy as a consumer shopping on the website because it pops up right after you customize your closet and looks. One of my favorite features on the website is to tag your outfits to instagram “#LTLStyleMe”. I really enjoyed this feature one because I love social media and two because it also posts on the website! It allows us as potential clients and clients already to feel important and acknowledged. Everyone always likes receiving personal acknowledgement and that is one of the reasons I really enjoy It is personalized to your needs, prices are totally reasonable and allows you to interact and be involved daily!


Fun Fact: "Francesca previously worked as Twitter's Fashion Marketing Executive, where she played a huge role in launching the sponsored Tweet function back in 2009 with the CFDA, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, etc., so she has both the tech and fashion experience. "