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Lauren Pratt Discusses Skyfish Swimwear


Skyfish Swimwear is a NYC &LA based brand which specializes in the original design, manufacture and retail of high end women's swimwear. Their products are made with a special fabric that is quality-controlled and precision hardware. In addition, it's conceptualization is based on it's luxury and exclusivity. Inspiration for their brand came from poetry, love, mixed media and the beauty of topography.

Today on the Social Scene with JZ, we have Lauren Pratt on the line from New York. Lauren is one of the founders of Skyfish Swimwear. Pratt grew up in Long Island and attended FIT for under grad. She was always fascinated by art. A year post graduation, Lauren was going through a rough patch of a breakup in her life. She always expressed her emotions through art. One day she was doodling poetry of her emotions on a bag and loved the outcome. She enjoyed the outcome so much that she decided to have it tag along with her a night out on the town with her friends. With no intention that the bag idea was going to go anywhere, that one night inspired her. All of her friends wanted her "customized" accessory she had made for herself. This led to the "Boyfriend Bag" brand. One day, Lauren got connected with Patricia Fields Boutqiue. They loved the brand so much they bought out her inventory! At that time, Lauren really made a brand for herself.

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