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Thirty Something Magazine Content & More


Today on the Social Scene with JZ, Founder of Thirty Something Magazine Melissa Gregg comes on to discuss the October Issue and More! Melissa has had a background in corporate America in the field of both accounting and marketing for years. She always had a personal passion for writing and design. Her love for writing and design led her to realize her "freelance career was born."

Melissa is a mother of three. She realized a corporate career was not fitting into the family dynamic due to one of her children having autism. Gregg knew she wanted to build an empire. She also knew she needed a more flexible schedule. After years of freelance writing, thought and research Melissa's realization was born. "What was missing from the publication world?" …What was missing was information for the thirty something crowd! Therefore,after two years in the making, Thirty Something Magazine was born and debuted in July of 2013!

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"Thirty Something Magazine is a digital and print publication geared toward the thirty something year old lifestyle. If you need to slightly bend to fit into the age category demographic or jump, that is ok too! You will enjoy it either way, regardless of which age box you really check."

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