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Wicked Sober Talk with Founder Mike Duggan


"Wicked Sober was created to help those struggling with drug and alcohol dependency by assisting in the process of achieving recovery. By offering personal experience and direction from certified interventionists; Wicked Sober gives free consultations for families of loved ones, friends of the addict or alcoholic and the addict or alcoholic themselves."

Today on the Social Scene with JZ we discuss how "Wicked Sober Inc. offers information and advice at no cost. " They want to help you. Their main focus is to assist an addict in need to the best treatment program. They do this by using their large network of qualified drug rehabilitation centers. Mike Duggan founder of Wicked Sober wants to see people happy and successful as they begin their journey into recovery and a brand new life.

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Duggan (the owner) of Wicked Sober has been a recovering addict for several years at this point. He created Wicked Sober as an outsource for people in need. When he was going through a tough time and wanted to recover there were not enough outsources of information to help him do so. He realized this process made the recovery road longer. He does not want people going through addiction issues to go through the tough patches he did. He wants to make the process as easy and comfortable for his clients as possible. Therefore, Wicked Sober is the right point of contact to finding the right location to help the client recover.

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