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Relationship Radio Host Cynthia DeLeonardo on the Social Scene with JZ

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Today on the Social Scene with JZ Radio Host Cynthia DeLeonardo of relationship talk show "Bare This & That" out of Philly has come on to the Social Scene with JZ.

On our segment we discuss fun relationship topics to give our audience a better idea on how her radio shows run. Although Valentines Day is around the corner, Cynthia wanted to make sure everyone knows that "Valentines Day is everyday in a relationship!"


DeLeonardo also makes an exciting announcement that she is relocating to New York in March to expand her show there as well. Cynthia started in sales at the WWDB-AM in Philly. As she started to meet lots of amazing people with very interesting backgrounds she decided to give the radio hosting a shot. Since day one her show has been nothing but success. Proof is within less then a year her show has grown so much that she now is relocating to the NY area to expand her show to an even bigger diversity of people.

Check out Cynthia on the Social Scene with JZ here

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