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The Goodybag Lady Marilyn Arriaga


Marilyn Arriaga comes on to the Social Scene with JZ to discuss her amazing business ventures starting goody bag companies one for the average consumer and one for event planners and busineses.

Arriaga started making a few goody bags for family and friends and how it turned into one fabulous successful business!

Marilyn is a mother of to five boys and one girl. In addition she has two amazing dogs we discuss briefly on our podcast as well (for all of our dog lovers out there). Marilyn has created two businesses one is called "Goodybag Mall" and the other is "GoodybagMarket."

Goodybag mall is geared more towards the general consumer as we go into more details on the podcasts. The first goody bag you get when signing up on her website is FREE. That's right, I said FREE! Who doesn't love free goodies?!


Her second business Goodbag Marketing. Goodybag Marketing is geared more towards event planners and businesses.

Check out "The Goody Bag Lady" Here

We discuss more in detail her plans for the future, her newest venture making customized goody bags for moms to be and new mommys out there with her new fabulous sponsors and other exciting events she is working on.

Follow Marilyn and Goody Bags here on Social Media:

Facebook: Goodybag Marketing (businesses/event planners)

Facebook: Goodybag Mall (consumers)

Twitter: Goodybag Mall (consumers)

Twitter: Goodybag Marketing (businesses/event planners)

Pinterest: Goodybag Mall