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Hi Fashion LA Clothing with Founder Ilan Benafshe


Today on the Social Scene we have the fabulous founder and CEO of Hi Fashion in LA Ilan Benafshe. Benafshe offers a vast selection of the current fashion at an extremely competitive price, making his business a success.

As a Native from Israel, he always envisioned living the "American dream". In 2001, he migrated to Los Angeles to start pursuing his goals and dreams. Benafshe knew that by achieving his dreams would took a lot of effort but that didn't stop him from creating a successful business 14 years later!

Ilan's love for fashion led him to open up, "Hi Fashion" in 2001 selling high quality over-stock clothing.

"What set him apart from his competitors was to offer clothing for $5.99. With that success, Hi Fashion expanded with multiple flagships."

On the Social Scene we have some fabulous discussions about Hi Fashion's involvement in Fashion Week in Vegas and more.

Tune in to Ilan on the Social Scene here

Check out Ilan's wholesale store here:

Also look out for them on youtube!