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Quilt Artist, Author ,Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach and Spirtiual Coach from California Chris Smith


Chris Smith comes on to the Social Scene with JZ to help promote us to de stress our lives. Throughout the podcast we continue to discuss how there are ways to release negative energy and let out our feelings through creativity.

Chris for a period of time in her life was a lawyer. They high stress levels and not being around a lot for her kids and her husband was rough. She realized she wanted to change paths and find something to make her more relaxed and available to be around her family and friends on a more steady basis.


She found that quilting has really released many forms of creativity for her. On the Social Scene Chris talks about how to get involved in quilting, some inspiring quilts she has made and more.

One that I thought was very heartfelt and creative was that she made a quilt out of her sister in laws old clothes after her when she passed away for her sister in laws kids. That truly touched me.

It is amazing the creative things we can do when we put our mind to it! Chris also finished writing a book on being a quilt artist titled "REAP AS YOU SEW." Make sure to check it out on her website and PURCHASE :)

In addition, Chris realized that her creativity was more then quilting and writing a book, she wanted to help others be motivated to share their creativity in a spiritual aspect.

Smith is also a dog person as she has an adorable Cavalier King Charles. We discuss on the Social Scene how animals are truly healing to your mind and bring nothing but PURE LOVE AND HAPPINESS into our lives.

Check out my fab interview with Chris HERE


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