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The Original Time Capsule Co with Owners Marcie and Mark Norton

Today on the Social Scene with JZ we have the fabulous owners of a very memorable product called the Original Time Capsule Co.

One day the Norton's decided they wanted to change the lives of others and use a product that was able to bring back memorable moments for any person in their lives who is either getting married, having a child and or just wanted to create a keepsake of memories in a decorative tin.

This led them to the ownership of the Original Time Capsule Co. in 2011. Recently, the hallmark channel had the Time Capsule as one of their highly recommended gifts for the holiday seasons (video below.)

Marcie and Mark want to make this a memorable product for their clients.

When you get your time capsule they come with pamphlets, stationary, stickers and more to help make your memories worthwhile.

They also come with options to go online to a digital program and get creative with your "nerdy side" as Mark would say in the podcast (haha).

We had a lot of fun chatting about their future business ventues as they could not reveal that much you definitely want to tune in and see what else is in store for the Original Time Capsule Co.

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Purchase one today and follow them here:





Youtube below see them on Hallmark Channel!