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Dress Up Your Look with IVChic Hair Jewelry.


Today on the Social Scene with JZ we have the CEO of IVChic from California, Armine Gambaryan. As a male or female we all know how much our hair can make or break our day. Armine created IVChic for women as a way to always have your hair look good and cut your day in half instead of blowdrying, curling and or ironing your hair by just adding these IVChic accessories to style your hair.

Armine is a workout guru. She got inspired to start IVChic hair jewelry because she always works out 5-6 days in the morning before work. She like any normal woman would get frustrated and feel rushed for time in between her workout and work. She realized she needed to create something unique and stylish especially because she always loves to go to wear her hair in a bun. These times of brainstorming led her to IVChic.