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Australian native Chantelle Barry comes to the states to pursue her dreams as a singer, songwriter,


Australian native Chantelle Barry comes on to the Social Scene to discuss her amazing business ventures prior and post relocating to the US. Chantelle has always had a love for music, she always knew singing was her passion and when she participated in Australia's FIRST TV reality show "Popstars" and won the first season she knew music was something she had to continue to pursue.

Chantelle on the Social Scene with JZ comes on to discuss her inspiring background as an entrepreneur. From singing and songwriting to acting, modeling and jewelry designing Barry covers it all. Today Chantelle opens up to tell us about releasing her NEWEST song " One Step Closer" APRIL 10TH!! We also discuss songs that are coming out on her EP later in the year and what inspires her lyrics.

It takes a really creative and dedicated mind to write songs that flow well with the music. Chantelle continues to inspire us on the podcast with some of her musician inspirations and more.


Tune in to Chantelle's inspiring podcast BELOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs!






Aside from Chantelle's main point of focus with singing and songwriting she also is an actress and a voiceover on many shows the public would be familiar with. Some include: 90210, Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, General Hospital and more!

In addition she is a current voiceover on a new Disney cartoon and has been a voice over on Curious George!

Chantelle also has her own jewelry line called "White Elephant Designs" We discuss what inspired her designs and how she makes customized jewelry for celebrities such as Lionel Richie, Ray Jay, David Beckham and MORE!!

JZ fans will be able to get White Elephant Designs at a special rate for being a fan!!


FUN FACTS: "Chantelle has written and independently released 2 albums and has garnered numerous award recognition having had songs featured in both tv & film including “Army Wives”, “90210” and “The Vineyard”.

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Chantelle's Fun Acting Reel!

Chantelle's Experience on the Morning Show in Australia!

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