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Founder and President of Debetta Enterprises Jim Debetta


Today on the Social Scene with JZ we get inspired with the Founder & President of Debetta Enterprises from GA, Jim Debetta. Jim is an Invention and Retail product placement specialist. From cosmetics, sports products, all different kinds of technology products, games and more.

"You think you see it all until my next client comes in to show off their newest product"

On the podcast we learn about how important it is to get consulting for your product before you put all your money into it. Debetta allows new clients to send their products in at no cost at first to see if there is a way he can even help the client.

As you can see from reading thus far Debetta is here to help guide you along the process through creating pricing strategies, marketing tactics, finding factories to product the products, licensing etc.

Jim is a not only a coach but a mentor to his clients.

His company helps you through all the right steps

to get there and avoids as many hiccups as possible.


On the Social Scene Jim tells us about his newest book you can purchase on amazon and his website titled "The Business of Inventing."

We also learn about some unique products he has worked with and how he directly worked with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank season 1!

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Follow Jim HERE:

Website: Jim Debetta

Facebook: Jim Debetta

Twitter: Jim Debetta

LinkedIn : Jim Debetta

Any other forms of social media can be found on his website!

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