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Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer and Founder of start-up Sound Leadership Johannes Flecker

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Today on the Social Scene with JZ we get inspired by original Austrian Johannes Flecker. Johannes Flecker originally from Austria has lived in India, Switzerland and decided to take a chance and relocate to the states (Boston) to pursue his dreams in the music field.

Johannes is a singer, songwriter, music producer and after attending Berklee College in Boston and insight from his mentor he has opened a fabulous start-up Sound Leadership.

On the Social Scene interview with Johannes, we learn all about his background of music from his love for piano since a young age and participating in his fathers choir for many years. Even though he had a passion for music he always had a love for adventure and traveling.

Flecker is a real go getter after his dreams and we really get inspired by his passions and following his intuition to pursue all he has ever wanted in life.


We learn all about what inspired him to relocate, his newest business venture start-up Sound Leadership and more. What is amazing is that Sound Leadership is NOT really based toward musicians it is created for companies and groups that are looking to come together through learning bonding through singing and song writing.

With many talents and a good heart, Johannes has a great head on his shoulders and you can learn more about him his fabulous music start-up Below click on one of the podcast outlets and SUBSCRIBE.