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By changing your food, you can change your LIFE with Author of "The Plan" & Executive


Today on the Social Scene with JZ we have the inspiring nutritionist and author Lyn-Genet. Lyn starts to inform us all about her fabulous book "The Plan " and her holistic approach to eating healthy and changing our lives by eliminating reactive foods.

Furthermore, Lyn continues to share on the podcast that everyones body is different. What might be reactive for you might not be for someone else but there are still ways to solve feeling bloated, uncomfortable, anxious, depressed etc.


What Lyn has found after years in the field of nutrition with her clients, is that the human body goes through different cycles of eating sensitivities. The cycles have been proven to start at 25, and then again at 35 & 50.

By using "The Plan" it teaches us and our bodies to clear out toxins. By elminiating toxins and feeding our body what needs, it naturally heals and forms the correct nutrients for us to survive and live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Lyn-Genet DOES recommend dandelion tea, and a probiotic every once in a while. It is good to cleanse your liver with dandelion tea. It is also good to take a probiotic when your stomach gets upset. They should NOT be taken everyday though!

Look into Lyn-Genet's Cookbook as well!! We learn quick tip on the podcast that Lyn has a recipe to make Red Velvet CUPCAKES HEALTHY!


In addition, we also learn some insightful facts on working out, stress levels and more. I don't want to list all the details here because our podcast is so insightful !

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