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DJ/Producer/Songwriter to the stars Ellis Miah and fabulous Singer/Songwriter Perry Jacksen

DWUD Pleasure Principle-1.jpeg

Today on the Social Scene we get inspired by DJ/Producer/Songwriter Ellis Miah & the fabulous Singer/Songwriter Perry Jacksen! Today we learn all about their newest single they have created together Pleasure Principle future house mix and HEAR IT DURING COMMERCIAL BREAK :)

Ellis Miah DJ Producer.jpeg

Originally from East Coast, Ellis and Perry have worked long and hard to pursue their dreams in the music/entertainment industry. We get inspired by some of their biggest icons and learn all about their newest record label Do What You Do. In their label they have created some songs with RuPaul that we learn all about as well!

Perry Promo 1 (3).jpeg

What inspires a DJ/Producer/Singer/Songwriter to create their music? How did they re-create Janet Jackson's old school single to make it their own?

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