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Accessorize your outfit with fabulous belts from "Keep Your Pants On"


Today on The Social Scene with JZ we get inspired with Founder and CEO of Keep Your Pants On fashion belts with Sivan Soffer.

Keep Your Pants On launched in 2007 as a retail store just outside of Boston in Natick, Massachusetts. The retail was wonderful for the first year and then there was a retail recession in 2008. Keep Your Pants On needed to seek other outlets for regular revenue. After some time and research, Sivan realized there was no designated website geared just towards women's belts.

If you look online today and know of well known online retailers such as nordstrom, zappos etc. They all have wonderful avenues for belts but they are not geared ONLY towards belts , it is an extra accessory that they carry.

Keep Your Pants On wants to be YOUR "GO TO" resource for belts. From their online options of making one yourself, to teaching you how to figure out what size works for you, this is a fabulous avenue for women fashionistas to check out!

If you tune in to our podcast below by clicking on one of the podcast outlets you will also learn more details on how "Keep Your Pants On" got started, Sivan's biggest supporters, inspirations AND MORE!


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