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Wear what you LOVE no matter what gender you are with Pink Truck Designs!

Today on the Social Scene we get inspired with the fabulous Dana Babbin who is the Founder of Pink Truck Designs.

Do you ever like things that might be considered more of your opposite genders interest? Well, Dana Babbin has created an apparel company to stop the gender seperation of interest!

Pink Truck Designs was created to promote babies through adults to be able to rock what they LOVE and have interest in no matter what gender you might be.

For example: Why should the color pink only be in the girls section? Why should trucks and train shirts only be in the boys section?

Today on the Social Scene we learn all about Dana's background as she is a woman of many hats. We also hear all about her twinspiration from her two beautiful daughters that inspired her to start Pink Truck Designs.

It is amazing to see how the littlest things by shopping in a store and finding a missing void could change peoples lives like her daughters. Why should interests be seperated by gender?

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