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Artist and Activist on Sickle Cell Najaam Lee

Today on the Social Scene with JZ we get inspired by the beautiful and talented Najaam Lee. Najaam Lee, is also known as the "rising phoenix" in the artworld. She is currently the CEO, and Artist at NL ART( and resides in Boston, MA.

Born in Toronto, Najaam Lee has been creating art since the age of 5! Since being diagnosed with Sickle Cell at the age of 16 months and in and out of hospitals majority of her life, she wanted to be an advocate for the Sickle Cell Community.

On the Social Scene we learn all about her two grass roots movements called "Paint SCPain Away" and "S.O.S. Campaign" (Speak On Sickle cell). Najaam created these movements to educate the public about the disease. She also works to teach others how to battle pain associated with the disease by using art.

In 2014, Najaam Lee showcased her FIRST 9-piece series called "GALAN" at the Cutting Room in New York City. Recently, Najaam launched her second collection entitled "PAIN". This showcase of paintings was titled on a subject that is very close to her heart.

Get inspired even more HERE on our podcast by clicking on one of the podcast tab images below!

"Having been diagnosed with Sickle Cell (SS) at an early age, this new project has taken her on a journey of self-discovery, awareness, and down the rabbit hole of Pain and Beauty inside her body."

Check out this fun clip below on a sneak peak on Najaam's artwork series of "PAIN"

Follow Najaam Lee Here:

Twitter: @najaamlee Instagram: @najaamlee Facebook: @najaamlee

Facebook: Najaam Lee Art

Facebook: Speak On Sickle Cell

Facebook: Vedic Image Group

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