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Festival Director of the Gold Coast International Film Festival & Associate Director of the Gold

Today on the Social Scene we get inspired by the fabulous Caroline Sorokoff. From a background in law to careers in theater, Sorokoff always enjoyed getting involved with non profits as well. As soon as the Opportunity for the Gold Coast International film festival came around she took it in a heartbeat! Two of her deepest passions in one career.

Caroline has been at The Gold Coast Arts Center since 2008. On the Social Scene podcast we learn all about the Gold Coast Arts center beginning stages at a church to years later in Great Neck, NY at 10,000 square foot venue. This year in November they are allowing young filmmakers (grades K-12) to submit films to be showcased infront of a LIVE festival audience!

There is no fee to submit a film and multiple awards will be given. Deadline for submissions is October 1st. Winners will be announced on the GCIFF website in mid-October! Awards Ceremony will be held during the 2015 Gold Coast International Film Festival, day in November.

Also, awesome fact-- The Gold Coast International Film Festival will be teaming up with Long Island Railroad to get you to the event FOR FREE! That's right, we said FOR FREE!

Tune in here and now to hear more about this fabulous week of events this november and MORE by clicking on the podcast icons below to go to our podcast directly!

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This year the festival will be from the 9th-15th!!

Here was last years trailer to give you an idea :)

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