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Health Strategist Angel Luis

Today on the Social Scene with JZ we get inspired by Health and Stress Strategist Angel Luis. Angel offers forward thinking entrepreneurs, and business leaders a new way of thinking about health, stress and productivity through his one on one consultations, TED Talk "Stress and The City" and more.

"Angel focuses on sharing purposeful solutions to better manage stress, improve energy production (metabolism) and mental focus." Now why did Angel choose to go into the health and wellness field?! For the last 20 years, Angel has spent most of his time learning all he can about diet, weight loss, nutrition, exercise, disease prevention and healthy living. He also several years back had a traumatic physical situation that forced him to learn more about how to get better, physically and mentally.

On the Social Scene we also get even more inspired learning Angel's theory of modern living stress. This includes: Prolong critical thinking/strategizing, problem-solving (cognitive overload), social/professional expectations, dating/divorce, debts/financial pressure, etc...along with diet trends; chronic calorie restriction/food deprivation, fitness trends; obsessive, excessive exercise, and the demonization of food is having a profound affect on our health and metabolism. Tune in HERE and NOW to get even more inspired by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below:

Check out inspiring video of Angel discussing metabolism HERE:

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Twitter - @angelluisnyc Instagram - #angelinnyc Facebook - Angel Luis, Health Strategist/Angel Luis Management (professional page) Linkedin - Angel Luis Gonzalez, Health Strategist

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