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LDR (LEE-DER) The Latest Chic Handbag made to look fashionable but also perfect FIT for your Laptop

Today on the Social Scene we have one the fabulous founders of LDR, Sarah DeMarco. Sarah is the CEO and one of the three co-founders of this fabulous new bag.

Now what is LDR?! LDR stands for three initials The the co founders collaborated from their names into a chic name for their newest handbag! LDR was founded by Sarah DeMarco, Nickole Raymond and Lindsey Tervo-Clemmens.

Sarah tells us all about the ladies backgrounds. From 24/7 careers in the Music Industry to Nickole as a sports agent to Lindsey as a Costume Designer. These ladies were on call at ALL times. They always were bringing their laptops and business necessities for long hours at a time or even on call in the early mornings.

Sarah and Nickole were looking to find a solution to not carry a "third wheel date" bag as Sarah states in the podcast. They wanted something fashion savy but also decently sized to fit their laptops, pens, pads etc.

This led them to LDR. Sarah left her corporate job in the music industry to take this entrepreneurial position full time with Nickole. Over time Sarah met Lindsey through the music industry and with Lindsey's creativity as a costume designer they thought she would be a great asset to the company.