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Intuitive Healer & Founder of Insightful Transformation, Anna Clayton!

Today on the Social Scene we have the fabulous Intuitive Healer and Founder of Insightful Transformation in Arlington, MA : Anna Clayton!

Anna learned how to tune in the feelings of others at a young age.

She is also a licensed psychotherapist, a certified herbalist, shamanic healer, a certified holistic health and nutrition coach.

On the Social Scene podcast today we learn all about what intuitive healing is ! It is so interesting to learn how she can heal others through connecting with the Divine. Now what is the Divine? Well you are just going to have to listen to our fabulous podcast to learn more!

Anna is an empath but a different kind of empath. She teaches us how to heal more then just predicting the future. She is able to clear issues below the level of consciousness, at the karmic level and even the genetic level. She offers individual sessions in person and at a distance.

Anna has been rated in the TOP 10 Energy Healers in the Cambridge area. She is also a collaborative author of the forthcoming book "Essential Healing for Your Spirit and Soul."

Tune in to our Podcast HERE and NOW to learn more fabulous facts about Anna, how to sign up for her group healing on 9.15 & ALSO get her FREE E-Book and MORE by clicking on one of the icon tabs below:

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JOIN GROUP HEALING 9.15.15: (Limited to 12 people, pre-registration is required - $35 in advance or $50 at the door if space is available. To contact Anna or to book a session or attend an event, please see her website ABOVE)

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