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Health Strategist Angel Luis

Health Strategist Angel Luis comes back on the Social Scene with JZ to discuss all about our metabolisms and how it can be effected during seasonal changes.

For those who are new to learning about Angel Luis, Angel offers a new way of thinking. He takes everything his clients have learned, in additon to all the ideas and beliefs they have about losing weight and being "healthy" and helps make sense of it all. Through his consulting, he offers his clients a deeper understanding of how our body works. Furthermore, he provides simple sustainable strategies to improve their health & metabolism.

Angel really inspires and teaches us how everyone has their own individual metabolism. He uses the analysis of weather changes. When it rains or snows your body is going to react differently depending on whether you dress properly .

Angel is a true believer that one should always follow what you body is telling you. Our bodies need specific nutrients and when we don't eat enough, we get cold and our temperature drops. When that happens our bodies aren't producing enough energy to keep us to feel fulfilled.

When your body needs food, sleep or sex it is going to tell you. "When will you know you will have enough?" Well your body will communicate that to you as well. Your body can go days, weeks or even months until it craves it again and that's why their is no right amount to feel fulfilled. Each body needs a different amount of sleep, food or sex to feel "balanced."

One thing that really stood out to me was that Angel discussed how fruit might be good for us but a lot of it retains water. Therefore, due to a lot of water retention during the colder seasons it is not as fulfilling for us to feel fully energized.

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