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Earl Battle, Owner and Designer of Battle Designs

Today on the Socal Scene we get inspired by the talented Earl Battle. Earl is the Owner and Designer of Battle Designs. Originally from Jamestown,NY; Earl had a love for fashion since the age of ten.

On the podcast we learn all about his inspirations , his teachings and how he got to where he is today.

In addition if you are in Boston, Earl will be hosting a FREE event at the Liberty hotel called "Fashionably Late" this Thursday, October 22,2015 at the Libery Hotel.

Originally starting with just bridal wear from gowns to bridesmaid dresses, Earl knew there was more he wanted to expand his brand on.

There were lots of inspiring thing stated on our podcast but one that really stood out to me was that he always has new lines and designs out. He really believes that there is so much creativity to be shown in the world so he shows it through his now monthly Fashion Shows from Boston-> Atlanta->NY AND MORE.

"So you have been designing since the age of 10, what inspired you to start so young?"

My inspiration came from my mother, she taught me how to sew out of the six boys she had, she decided that I would need to know how to cook and sew, plus she couldn't find comfortable clothing for plus size women. So it was a challenge to me, like a puzzle, to make sure she had clothing that was comfortable in and supported in the right places.