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Celebrity Makeup Artist, CEO of Makeup Mandy and Creator of LASHX, Amanda Jacobellis

Today on the Social Scene we get to learn all about a New Englander who relocated to Los Angeles after doing a program through Emerson college to pursue her dreams as an entrepreneur. On the Social Scene we learn all about how Amanda "got her feet wet" in the industry which allowed her to start her own salon and and eventually to create her own products including "LASHX".

"Amanda Jacobellis is constantly being called upon to create stunning, “red-carpet ready” looks."

Her best kept secret was that it was “all in the eyes.” Lush, lavish lashes really completed her looks on her clientele.

Amanda also known as Mandy wanted to create a way for everyone to capture "the Hollywood glamour."

We learn on the Social Scene all about some of her first clientele, celebrity clientele she works with now and her inspirations.

The LAshX® Method™ is a technique of lash extension application that provides rich, glamorous eyelashes for 6-8 weeks!

You can learn more on our podcast how Amanda has revolutionized the beauty industry!

Tune in here and now to our inspiring fun podcast HERE by clicking on one of the podcast icons below!

"From health and safety, to education and product knowledge, she hasn’t stopped working to further raise industry standards ever since. Amanda has continued to improve lash health with each and every LAshX® product."

Here is my product of LASHX I just got in the mail!! Can't wait to USE IT!

You also see an inspiring clip of Mandy on Good Morning America HERE!

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