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Author of Knot The One and Contributing Writer for Thought Catalog

Today on the Social Scene with JZ we get inspired by an amazing woman, Stacey Becker. Originally from Rockland County, NY ; Stacey always had a love for writing. She tells us on the show, her first contribution with writing she did was for "A Chicken Soup For The Kids Soul" series.

Stacey is not only an author and contributing writer, she is also an attorney! With being serious all day there is always a need to release some of her creative side!

Stacey's first book "Knot The One" is based on a true story. Becker was about to have her wedding to her fiance at that time and low and behold and her fiance backed out right before.

Stacey informs us that "Knot The One" was written for several reasons. First, it helped her release her emotions and move past her past. In addition, it also allowed other people who have been through horrid break ups to relate to what she went through.

Of course it's hard and uncomfortable but when you have all the love and support from good family and friends you can get through anything!

Stacey wants to let people know that you can get through a break up right before your wedding, look at what Stacey has made of her life now .

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