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CEO of Media Maison & Creator of Props In A Box, Samantha Martin

Today on the Social Scene we get inspired by CEO of Media Maison Samantha Martin and Creator of her newest toy product on the market, Props In A Box. Originally from Hong Kong, Samantha always had a love for the entrepreneurial world and toys.

Samantha grew up in a family of entrepreneurs in the toy manufacturing businsess. Eventually, Samantha took an additional entreprenurial hat as she came into her own. On the podcast, Samantha inspires us with her experiences of working with unqiue entreprenurial clients such as kids to her own experiences coming out with her own toy product!

You will learn on the podcast that Sam can help one navigate branding, manufacturing and marketing to a completed product and retail introductions . As the child and granddaughter of toy industry professionals, it was only a matter of time before Sam made her mark with her own toy product line.

"In November, 2015 Sam launched Props in a Box. Props in a Box engages the entire family to create stories with whimsical props, costumes and backdrops and enhanced those memories with a Props in a Box Movie Maker App. Available at and DiscoveryStore, Props in a Box has additional brand extensions ready for 2016. "

Tune in HERE and NOW to our fun interview with Samantha Martin by clicking on one of the podcast icons below :)