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Founder of Moroccan Magic, Busy Girl Daily and Boston Business Women, Kristina Tsipouras

Today on the Social Scene we get inspired by an amazing Boston entrepreneur, Kristina Tsipouras.

Originally from Newton, Massachusetts Kristina always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Tsipouras majored in Communications with a Minor in Women & Gender Studies.

After College she began her career in event marketing. She planned large non-profit and social events.

Furthermore, Kristina then moved to NYC to work for a top wedding planner on the Upper East Side of Madison Avenue.

When Kristina was 27 she moved back to Boston to launch her first company, ZOOS Greek Iced Teas. On the podcast, we learn all about what intrigued her first business and how this amazing tea can be found in Wegmans, Whole foods and more!

In addition, after her first product launching and becoming super successful; Kristina started her own consulting business called " Busy Girl Daily." Busy Girl is a consulting business but also has allowed Kristina to become a life coach, mentor and much more. She wants to be able to help guide small businesses from learning how to brand youself to getting the right investors.

Low and behold, four years later, Kristina moved on to launch, Moroccan Magic organic argan oil infused lip balms. Morroccan Magic is super soft on the lips and very nourishing for your body!

In addition to her three business ventures Kristina also is a Huffington Post blogger and publishing her FIRST book, Busy Girls Guide to Happiness in 2017!

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Kristina will also be hosting the first Boston Business Women's Event in May! RSVP HERE by clicking on the image below :

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