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Founder of FITS Productions, Be Who You Are Magazine and Author of Insanity to Sane

Today on the Social Scene we get inspired by an a woman of many creative qualities, Barbara Archer.

Originally from Maryland, Barbara relocated to Atlanta to take on her career by storm.

We learn on the podcast that life is full of lessons to help take us where we are meant to be.

Barbara opens up about her hardships from her past. She doesn't regret them, she takes them as a life lesson which help led her to where she is today.

Barbara started out opening FITS Productions. FITS "From Insanity To Sane" is a Public Relations company in Atlanta. After her on going success with her clientele, Barbara decided to start her own digital magazine.

Be Who You Are Magazine continues with Barbara's on going theme of her work. "Always stand by who you are and how you got there, it is what molded you into who you are today."

Be Who You Are Magazine is partnered with JZ Social Enterprises. You can find some of our fabulous radio show guests featured in their monthly issues!

Recently, Barbara has taken a positive turn to release from her past. She has written a book titled "Tell All From Insanity to Sane". Barbara, wrote this book to discuss her life and how she got to where she is today. She wants to show others that you can make a new beginning for yourself. She wants to be able to share her story to help others not regret from past mistakes.

Tune in HERE AND NOW to our podcast by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below. In addition, we have a special musical hip hop artist guest Yung Reno playing one of his new songs "Only You" during commercial break.

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