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From Shadows To Light Author, Catherine Diane Parker

Today on the Social Scene with JZ podcast we get inspired by the talented author, Catherine Diane Parker.

Originally from New Jersey, Catherine shares her truly inspiring story through her latest novel, From Shadows to Light. Parker wants to teach others that you can come out of your shadow, no matter how dark your life gets.

Catherine like any normal human had a very hard time in the beginning coping with her loss. From her brother to then both of her parents it was a lot for a young woman like Catherine. Luckily enough Catherine had great support of her family members. Thanks to one of her aunts, she let Catherine cope with what she was dealing with but also then got her out of her rut.

After a little time past, Catherine needed to do some work on her mothers home. She called a construction company to redo what was needed. Low and behold when the construction company came to her front door she unintentionally met her future husband.

It is truly amazing and inspiring how after a lot of loss you gain new additions to your life that you would never think could be better then you ever imagined.

Catherine's story is truly inspiring as you can see . Tune in to our insprining podcast HERE and NOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below:

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