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Animal Advocate, Rescue Volunteer, Freelance writer and Educator on The PAWS Act: Adriana Meucci.

Today on the Social Scene we get inspired by a fabulous woman, Adriana Meucci. Based out of Bergen County, NJ Adriana has always has had a love for animals. On our podcast we learn all about her and the start of The PAWS Act back in 2014 .

Adriana has become a strong advocate for the campaign. Meucci really enjoys helping those in need and puts real life struggles into perspective for people who are unfamiliar with how hard life can be at times.

The PAWS Act provides women facing domestic violence a safe haven for them and their pets.

Adriana continues to inform us on the Social Scene how hard it is for women facing domestic violence to not only get out of their dangerous situation but also being able to get their animals out.

The sad thing is that domestic violence is truly becoming an epidemic. It is not discussed about enough which is why it is so important to get the word out. On the Social Scene with JZ podcast we want to tell YOU how to get involved . Who doesn't want to help those who suffer with their pets get to a safe haven to go to in time of need?

Adriana continues to tell us how she got involved with The PAWS Act. In addition, we learn what inspired her to become an animal advocate owning two pets of her own. She also enjoys freelance writing on millenials. She discusses struggles they face day to day.

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